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At the Autism Engagement Center, we believe that both the child and family experience Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) together as a unit. Our perspective differs from more traditional views of treatment in that consideration is given to how the child’s present levels of functioning form the foundation from which to build skills and address the needs of the family as a whole.

We embrace a relationship based paradigm to address the core deficits of ASD: communication, social interaction, and sensory-behavioral differences. Our approach emphasizes building the foundations of mutual understanding, play and communication, and appreciating the child’s individual differences. It also allows us to meet the family and their child where they are in terms of understanding, development, and interaction. We believe that all learning is the result of interaction with our surroundings and personal motivations; therefore, we work with each child’s intrinsic motivations and interests to expand social, communication and self-regulation skills. By increasing awareness of their child’s individual differences, we educate and empower parents to effect rewarding changes within their families.

We provide integrated services in a naturalistic environment to promote generalization of interventions in the “real world”. It is our goal to help families with children affected by ASD, or similar concerns, learn to understand, relate to and enjoy each other. 

NEW Here's a video worth watching. This recent news piece describes the philosophy we utilize for treatment planning and therapy. It also reports on the newest research supporting it's efficacy:

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